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MatthewHi! I’m Matthew.

We do exclusive events. Our customers are discerning. They have high expectations.

We create legendary experiences for people like you…

You demand the best. You won’t settle for less. You want experienced pros that make your vision happen.

That’s us. That’s what we do.

We’re Different. Here’s How.

  • You Get a Real DJ Who Knows How to Mix. It takes skill to do this right. It’s more than just hitting play. If you want a human iPod controller please call someone else. I’m here to keep your party jumping.
  • You Get a Breathtaking Light Show. Forget about the cheesy Spencer Gift lights. We bring next level stuff. Every song has a special light show. It takes a trained light tech to run it. It’s what you’d see at a rock concert.
  • Every Moment Is Carefully Planned. The whole “disorganized mess” thing? That’s not our vibe. Our planner works with you every step of the way. Nothing’s left to chance.
  • Incredible Multimedia. We have clean edit music videos. We do live event photos. We also have live video and more. Massive video screens create max impact!
  • Over 100 Years of Experience. We’re a small family business. Click here to read our story. We do hundreds of events each year. You can trust us.

All this together? We call it the “Ultimate Experience”. It’s our promise to you. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your event awesome.

We’re interactive but not cheesy. We’re high-energy but not annoying. We’re professional but not stuffy. Excellence is our DNA.

Our calendar fills fast. We’re not for everyone but… The people that “get” us DEMAND us.

Give me a call. (888) 363-9002.


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Matthew Jones
Event Host & Disc Jockey

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